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Fall semester 2008 : The LONDON PROGRAMME

Paris and London are nowadays so close and similar in certain fundamental ways (size and national role) but quite different in attitude and habit. The River Seine has a very different dimension to the Thames and the role played by ‘locality’ is more ambiguous and complex in London. The architectural community in London is more international and the student there tends to respond to a wider set of parameters and design more thoroughly - and this is what we want you to do in our Studio. We hope also that the drawings of Lim and Woods can act as an inspiration.
The medieval London Bridge carried houses on it and in 1996 the Royal Academy held the exhibition ‘Living Bridges’ in which many projects from known architects, including Zaha Hadid and Future Systems, were shown. The subject offers scope for the exploration of dynamics, structures, form and a way of re-thinking the city.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

The octopus cruiser

Using textiles, i started to work on the notion of cellularity for the envelop.
The water pipes subdivide the envelop, and create "pockets" of various size.
The idea is to create a pattern of small to large cellules, depending on their use.
Some cellules will become water reservoirs, alimented by the water pipes.
Some others can be solar captors, linked to an electrical circuit, to provide energy to
the vessel.

This building/vessel is therefore a self-sufficient entity (fresh water/ electricity /fishing nets).
It can become a provider for those in need.
Because of the vessel's merging with water, and it's ability to "duck" under waves, it can access retrieved/endangered places (for instance during a storm), and provide the inhabitants those essential elements.

Moreover, the vessel is equiped with a number of "octopus tentacules", that guide it, and become the vessel's support in low water.
During last tutorial emerged the idea that thoses "tentacules" could become water filters, and a lot more.
The vessel is almost to look "animal like", with a skin, tentacules...

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caroline rabourdin said...

it's good to see investigations at different scales. now you might want to prepare a document that synthesise most of your ideas. it could be via a series of drawings explaining the full scenario you are imagining, or via a more 'technical' section through the building showing us 'what each part does'. Whatever way you choose, we need to follow your ideas; You have a lot of ideas, so try and show them all.